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Our six most common roles in the projects we help with. Of course, we can go even deeper and become more niche when needed. We welcome both projects and consultants who want to challenge us and make us better.

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HEstra USA

The world's best gloves

Hestra is a Swedish family business founded in 1936 and specialising in the manufacture of gloves. The company is headquartered in Hestra, Småland and is run by third generation family members. Hestra has a strong global presence and sells its products in over 30 countries worldwide.

In the US, Hestra is well established and has a strong presence in the North American market. It manages its sales via an e-commerce system built on the Headless platform Centra. They have had challenges with VAT management and integrations to their various systems. They hired Sparkhouse as Hestra's integration partner in the US.

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The veterinarian who is always there

FirstVet is an online veterinary platform that allows pet owners to get advice and help from licensed veterinarians via video call. The platform was founded in Sweden in 2016 and is now available in several other countries, including the UK and Germany. By using FirstVet, pet owners can get advice on everything from diseases and injuries to general health, behavioural problems and diet. The platform is available 24/7 and aims to make it easier for pet owners to take care of their pets in a comfortable and safe way.

Sparkhouse has helped develop the platform and one of the consultants has played an important role in optimising the performance and user experience of the website.

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Consilium Safety Group is a company that specialises in the provision of
security solutions for various industries, such as maritime, oil and gas, transport and fire and rescue. Their focus is on providing state-of-the-art security technologies to ensure the protection of lives and assets in hazardous environments.

The project that Sparkhouse was involved in focussed on updating the flue gas and
gas warning systems for trains. As a specialist in embedded systems, the consultants' task was to optimise the legacy systems and break down monolithic structures into more secure and efficient modular microservices. The team followed an agile methodology and utilised different

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